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Partners and collaborators

«It’s a celebration that recognises the massive role of art and culture in building a stronger and fairer society. That for me is something that is perfectly in line with our work here in Scotland, and it is an honour for us to celebrate our first Fair Saturday next November.»

«Values and culture must be fundamental factors in driving social and economic growth. Fair Saturday reflects how we want the Bizkaia of the future to be: inclusive in its growth, socially responsible and connected to the world. Not only as Deputy General, but also as a citizen I am proud that Fair Saturday was born in Bizkaia and that we can now share it with the world.»

«For me, Fair Saturday is a project that was born in Bilbao and is projected from Bilbao to the world. […] We hope that 2017 will be the consolidation of this great cultural and social project that is Fair Saturday.»

«I am very proud that Scotland is joining the global Fair Saturday movement, playing a key role as the second country in Europe and the first in Northern Europe to host this nationwide celebration. This evening will mark an important milestone in the development of the multicultural and inclusive celebration of St Andrew’s Fair Saturday and Scotland’s Winter Festivals.»

«Fair Saturday is about capturing those deeper feelings that can only be accessed through art, […] and for me it just sounds like Bristol. It’s just natural, and it’s an honour to be connected to other places that are also part of it.»

«Fair Saturday is a wonderful opportunity to combine the strength and appeal of culture and art with social sensitivity […] with the motivation that at the same time as we enjoy art and culture we are helping social projects of interest with a global vision towards the whole world.»

«Culture is part of our daily life, we are open to the participation and creativity of the people of Huelva. That is why we are very proud to belong to Fair Saturday, an international movement that is committed to culture as a tool for the transformation of society and as a space for freedom.»

«Culture is the best way for citizens to interact with each other, and that’s why all the city’s cultural agents, even more so if possible mixed with different social projects, will be on the streets at the next edition of Fair Saturday.»


«For me, Fair Saturday is enthusiasm, it is colourful, it is a desire to do things well. That’s why we feel that we are aligned with the same commitment.»

«For me, Fair Saturday is enthusiasm, it is colourful, it is a desire to do things well. That’s why we feel that we are aligned with the same commitment.»

«The sad thing is that it’s only one day. We should give culture every day the same importance as it is given on Fair Saturday.»

«It seems to me to be a festival of diversity, a festival of culture… of colour. And that this festival will be a world festival in five years’ time is everyone’s responsibility.»

«A global cultural project that […] generates an important social impact with the aim of placing art and culture at the centre of society.»

«The Hunterian is delighted to support this exciting Comic Book Night at the Museum. It will contribute to the global Fair Saturday movement and the celebration of St Andrew’s Day to promote social inclusion, fairness and sharing, inspired by Scotland’s National Day.»

«On 1 December, Edinburgh’s Christmas took part in St Andrew’s Fair Saturday. […] Over 3,200 people attended Silent Light on the day and Edinburgh’s Christmas raised £11,807 for charities.»

«Participating in Fair Saturday was never about raising money and for us it was about raising the profile and awareness that there are inclusive events available through Unity that also offer support to people when they need it to participate in social opportunities and the arts.»

«We have established a very positive relationship with the chosen charity, Multi-Cultural Family and will be working together on future projects. […] A big thank you to the whole Fair Saturday team!»


«People say that «artistic expressions can only be exhibited in big galleries», but you can also promote art and culture from a neighbourhood.»

«It was my first time participating and they made me feel like I was part of the family. I was able to watch the opening event from backstage. It was amazing to see so many professionals, musicians, singers, volunteers… working to make everything go smoothly. I enjoyed it like a child.»

«It was a fabulous experience, both the inaugural event at the Bilbao Arena and the Fair Saturday day when I was helping out at the Uribarri events. It was a very good experience.»

«As long as you enjoy it, you know that you are contributing to a social cause and that you are helping because of it. It’s the world turned upside down so that it works as it should.»

«By participating in Fair Saturday you get more than you give.»

«Participating in Fair Saturday in such a direct way, in Logroño, in Las Merindades, in Bilbao, in Edinburgh… makes me feel great emotions of the good kind.»